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Denley Music

Music Teacher Resources for Violin and Piano Teachers

  • Crocodile, Crocodile music
    Here’s a musical game to play to ‘Crocodile, Crocodile’ where you get to sing the song, and play and name some random notes at the end. Some ideas and variations to play are listed at the end of the song. Repeat it over and over as an earworm to play and name the notes you are working on. The piece is in C major, so any notes in that scale are okay to play and will work well. For violin students: the teacher can play the song on the piano or the violin, and the student sings the song. Then […]
  • Crocodile, Crocodile
    A great way to revise staff notes is to play Crocodile, Crocodile. For violin students: Use the music note names from here: https://www.denleymusic.com/musicblog/wp-admin/post.php?post=39&action=edit And the treble clef violin flash cards from here: https://www.denleymusic.com/musicblog/wp-admin/post.php?post=1154&action=edit For piano students: Use the free printable flashcards for piano from 1 2 3, Homeschool for Me here: https://www.123homeschool4me.com/free-music-note-flashcards_87/ The staff notes are there, as well as the backs of the cards, or use them as the music note names. (A big thank you to Beth Gordon for her cards!) How to play: Student/s call out “Crocodile, CrocodileMay we cross your ground?If not, why not?What’s your favourite […]
  • Scarborough Fair for String Quartet
    One I whipped up today. The cello has the melody for the first verse, then violin 1 continues with the melody in the second verse. There is a 4 bar coda on the end. Simple but I like it. Here are the score and parts, as well as a midi file to listen if you’d like:
  • English Country Garden for String Quartet
    I woke up one morning with English Country Garden in my head, so I notated it, and here you are. It’s written as a string quartet for violin 1, violin 2, viola and cello. It’s probably about 2nd, 3rd grade level. English Country Garden Vln 1 English Country Garden Vln 2 English Country Garden Viola English Country Garden Cello English Country Garden score This music is free, but please use proper attributions. If you do play it, I’d love to know how it goes! Enjoy.
  • Spider Spray – an easy violin piece to introduce first finger B flat
    A student of mine composed this.  I think it’s hilarious!  He was telling me about a spider adventure – obviously the spider met with an unfortunate end, but it was a great excuse to compose a song! It’s probably a first grade easy song – with a D minor 5 note pattern on the last line, along with the B flat scattered through.  But there’s a surprise with a scritchy scratchy bow – we found it best to slide your bow up the fingerboard, which creates a bit of a horrible sound…kind of like a spider dying via spider spray! […]
  • Stand For The Right – simplified piano
    Here’s a cute little simplified version of an already cute song. I included little hands to show when their hands have to move to a new position on the piano, and fingering helps.  The original is in C Major – so this is just easier on little eyes. Stand for the Right simplified
  • Worthy, Worthy Is The Lamb
    I believe this is #246 in the SDA Hymnal.  I have simplified into D major with some helpful fingering. Worthy Worthy Is the Lamb simplified and if you’re after a descant recorder version, also in D major, it’s here: Worthy Worthy Is the Lamb  The two can be played together for a cute little musical item.
  • There’s A Song In The Air
    This is #120 in the SDA Hymnal. It’s a catchy little tune.  This simplified arrangement is in G major. There s a Song in the Air simplified
  • O Worship The Lord – simplified
    This is #6 in the SDA Hymnal.  I have simplified it to C Major, with larger notes. Fingering is included, some phrasing, and a fairly easy LH.  Probably about 1st grade standard. O Worship The Lord
  • O Brother Be Faithful – simplified Seventh-day Adventist Hymn
    This one is #602 in the SDA Hymnal.  I have simplified it for a student of mine. Here it is, in the key of G Major, with larger notes: O Brother Be Faithful simplified
  • Lord, In The Morning – Simplified Piano
    This simplified hymn is #39 in the SDA Hymnal. I kept it in F Major, but it has larger notes and is simplified. Lord In the Morning – simplified in F major
  • Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise simplified piano
    I really like this hymn – I love the Welsh melody.  Here’s the simplified version in G major. I think it’s #21 in the SDA hymnal. Immortal Invisible God Only Wise Simplified Piano